Premium Birkenhead Gym

Visit our spacious birkenhead gym filled with best in class equipment.

Free Weights

The best choice for premium gym equipment in Birkenhead. We have a full rack of dumbbells, loads of benches and large barbell racks. The free weight area has ample space to be as dynamic as you like and a full mirror runs along the whole weights area so you can check your form. Contact us to visit today.

Weight Machines

Whether you’re an experienced or a beginner, weighted machines offer so much, they’re great for increasing load while maintaining form and also perfect for getting an awesome session done in a short time as there is no need to rack your weights after. All machines have a QR code you can scan to show you have to use it if unsure.

Workout Studios

Spectacular views of Rangitoto while you work out listening to energising music makes this studio in a class of its own. Between classes, you can also use the studio spaces for your own personal use. We also have a boxing studio on the ground floor with bags and battle rope where most boxing classes take place.

Cardio Equipment

TechnoGym’s cardio equipment is made in Italy and has impressive features to help you track your progress with its own Mywellness App. Equipment ranges from treadmills and x-trainers to stepper bikes and rowing machines, whatever you need we have it covered, oh and you can watch your favourite tv program on the screens!

Convenient location in Birkenhead, North Shore.

Your local gym with world class equipment.

Equipment at our birkenhead gym.