Birkenhead Fitness Classes

Join us for unlimited group fitness classes in the heart of Birkenhead. 45 minute body sculpting and cardio workouts with HIIT, Burn, Boxing and Yoga classes. Get hooked!


Our boxing class is a full body workout incorporating boxing bags and focus pads. All classes include legs and abs, and are great for getting your heart rate up and decreasing stress. It’s a fun class and suitable for everyone.


Burn is a lower body work out targeting legs, glutes and lower abs. This class is great for sculpting your lower body and burning fat in those unwanted areas.


High Intensity Interval Training is a full body workout incorporating weights, plyometrics and cardio equipment. The HIIT class targets every muscle in your body. The class can be adapted to all fitness levels. If you’re looking to be pushed while building lean muscle and burning fat this is your class.

Aerial Yoga

A full body class targeting your arms and core while working on balance and flexibility, this class is popular and is highly recommended to anyone wanting to try something new that challenges their body in a different dynamic.